Cookie Dough Banana Mousse

Vegan Oct 27, 2020
Cookie Dough Banana Mousse (Vegan, Dairy Free and Gluten Free)

Feeling like having a Vegan Treat? Obsessed with Cookie Dough? Then you're provably like me, this recipe is gonna become your favorite one!

I came up with the idea on a late night when I wanted something sweet and I was also craving some cookie dough. I thought, why not a dessert? Something you can scoop in sounded good.

When making mousses there's a lot of options in terms of ingredients that you can use to either substitute the double cream or the eggs. I can assure you it is way easier than what you might think, in this recipe we are using oat cream!

You can also substitute eggs using Aquafaba, as on my recipe Vegan Orange Chocolate Mousse. Or you can use tofu to make everything creamier as in my Snickers Chocolate Mousse.

INGREDIENTS: (2 servings)

2tbp Soya butter

2tsp Peanut butter

2tsp Brown Sugar

3 tbp Gluten Free Flour (of choice)

1tbp Plant Based Drink (I use soy or oat)

2 Bananas

100ml Plant Based Cream (I use oat)

50ml Whippable Cream (I use oat, and optional)

Vanilla extract (optional)

Dark Chocolate pieces (optional)


First of all, cook the flour for 10-15min, 180ยบ so it is safe to eat.

Add the soya butter in a bowl and melt it on the microwave for 30 seconds (tip: salted butter gives a nice flavor to the mix). When melted, mix in the peanut butter and brown sugar.

When the flour is cooked, add it to the mixture (you can make extra and save it for later), add the plant based milk and set aside to cool down. When the cookie dough is not hot anymore, add the dark chocolate pieces.

Blend 100ml of the plant based cream with the 2 bananas and the vanilla extract, until smooth.

This step is optional, if you find a whippable cream, it can be used to add on top of the glass, if not, it is gonna be delicious anyway. (I use Oatly Vanilla Whippable Cream).

Time to assemble! In a wine glass (personal choice), add the banana mousse, then add cookie dough chunks and finally, add either your whipped cream, or some extra chocolate chunks and it is ready to enjoy!

You can get the Oatly Vanilla Custard here: