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Cream pie (Sant Jordi)

Dairy Free Apr 18, 2021
Catalan cream is similar to Crème brûlée and I decided to make it a pie with apple roses for Sant Jordi, the Catalan Valentine's Day.

You can read a bit more about the legend here.

And now let's get cooking!


Short crust pastry

500ml Milk (I used oat)

5 Egg yolks & 2 eggs

1 cup of sugar (and more to decorate)

2tbp of corn flour or cornstarch

Lemon and orange zest

Cinnamon sticks

Apples and a dash of lemon juice

Let's get started:

First of all let's bake the short crust pastry in a baking tray for about 20-25minutes. You can add some grains like dry chickpeas on top to make sure the pastry doesn't rise.

For the cream: In a pot add the milk, the lemon and orange zest and the cinnamon and infuse (it doesn't need to boil). Add the sugar so it dissolves.

Put the cornstarch in a bowl and add a bit of the milk you have in the heat to mix it, then add this mix back to the pot but using a strainer so no clumps get filtered into the milk, and keep whisking all the time.

Add the eggs and egg yolks and keep mixing so no clumps can get formed and the egg integrates with the milk. It is gonna be ready fast, if it doesn't it might need to boil (without stopping the whisking!!).

There's different type or thickening flour/starch that can be used so it might need more or less heat, but it will definitely work!

Let both the pastry and the cream cool down before assembling, and once you do, save in the fridge for at least 1-2h, the longer the better!

For the apple roses you can check this recipe to know how to make them, or the video down below, really easy!

Add some sugar on top of the pie and melt it to get a caramel layer on top, I did it in the oven with the grill for just a few minutes, but this step is optional.


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