Empire Biscuits (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Movies Jan 11, 2021
Empire Biscuits from Brave the Pixar movie! And this time in the Movie Monday collection, I am making it Vegan and Gluten Free!


100g Gluten Free flour mix

75g Almond flour

1tsp Baking powder

30g Vegan butter

45ml Oil (or more butter instead)

70g of Flaxseed Egg (60ml water + 2tsp flaxseed)

65g Sugar

Vanilla extract

For the icing:

150g Icing sugar

2tbp Water


Glazed cherries

Strawberry jam


In a mixing bowl, add the butter, oil and flaxseed egg and start mixing while slowly adding the sugar. Add the vanilla extract and then slowly incorporate the flours with the baking powder.

Now it is recommended to let the dough rest in the fridge for at least 1h or if you can, overnight is the best. This is so the dough is easier to mold and work with after, and also to keep the cookies in their shapes once we put them in the oven.

Roll the dough and cut the cookie shape. The traditional ones are made with two round cookies and filled with jam in the center. The ones in the movie look more like balls, so just make a ball and it is gonna get the perfect form after baking in the oven.

If you let them rest for just 1h I recommend you to let them rest in the fridge one hour more after you cut them.

Bake for 10-12min at 180º-200º. You'll know they are ready once the borders start getting brown. Let them cool down before proceeding with the recipe.

For the icing, just whip together the sugar with the water, this mix ends up getting dry and firm, so cover it if you're not gonna use it straight away.

Decorate them with the icing and top with half a glaze cherry, or fill with jam if you want the traditional ones. You can check the video down below for a step by step. Enjoy!

Ground flaxseed I use: