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Chocolate and Caramel Healthy Bars (V & GF)

Dairy Free Mar 2, 2021
Chocolate bars, with a vegan cookie dough and a healthy dates and tahini caramel, incredibly sweet, delicious and healthy! Oh, and gluten free too!

I am doing my best to get more into real food, and my weakest point is snacks! Both sweet and salty ones, so I am trying new recipes to get myself through the change without quitting those cravings.

Who doesn't want a Twix or a KitKat every once in a while? Well, this bars can be saved in the freezer so make as many as you want, bigger or smaller and store them in the freeze so you can snack on them any time you feel that sugar craving inside, because this are deliciously sweet and healthy!


To decorate: Dark chocolate & salt flakes


1tbp ground flaxseed

2tbp water

2tbp erythritol

1tbp coconut oil

1tbp peanut butter

Baking powder

Almond flour

Coconut flour

Pinch of salt

Dash of plant based milk


2tbp Tahini

1tbp Coconut oil

3-4tbp Dates paste

Vanilla extract

3tbp Full fat coconut milk

Salt flakes (optional)


For the cookie: Mix in the flaxseed, the water and the erythritol and incorporate the coconut oil and the peanut butter (melted in the microwave for 30'). Add the baking powder and the flours and if it is too dry add a dash of a vegan milk.

Bake for 15 min at 200º or until it starts getting golden. This also depends on how crunchy you want your cookie to be.

For the caramel: Just put all the ingredients on a bowl and heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute just so the butters and oils melt and everything combines easily.

When the cookie is cold, add the caramel on top and save in the freezer until solid. Then take it out and cut into bars, melt some dark chocolate and dip the bars into it (you can add chopped nuts here too if you want). Top it with peanut butter or salt flakes and eat or store again in the freezer.


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