Healthy Caramel (Dates or Tahini)

Vegan Oct 27, 2020

I tried different Healthy Caramel Options to see which one fitted best with my idea of caramel, making it an easy and healthy option to use as a spread or in various desserts without eating that much pure sugar.

Dates have been immensely used lately as a sugar substitute, throwing dates paste into desserts is something that a lot of people use regularly, so can it really taste like caramel?

Tahini is commonly used in sauces or hummus and falafels for example, it's flavor is very pronounced so, can it get turned into a sweet caramel cream?

Well, we'll find out today.

Dates Caramel Ingredients:

10 Dates

2tbp Coconut Oil

4tbp Maple Syrup

3tbp Cream (I use Oat)

Salt Flakes

Tahini Caramel Ingredients:

1tbp Tahini

2tbp Maple Syrup

2tbp Coconut Oil

Salt Flakes


For the Tahini:

Add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix until it gets well combined, it might take a while for the ingredients to get smooth and integrated, so be patient if it takes a little longer than expected. Taste it to see how much salt flakes you want to add to either just balance the sugar or make it more similar to Salted Caramel.

For the Dates:

Soak the dates with hot water for at least 30min (the longer the better), after this time it is gonna become easier to peel them. That is not strictly necessary, but it will make the caramel creamier and smoother.

Put the dates and the rest of the ingredients in a pot or blender and blend them until it gets smooth. You can add more cream if you want it runnier.


Both recipes turned out super tasty and nice, but the Tahini one is in my opinion the one that gets closer to the normal salted caramel flavor, so when it comes to pure caramel taste, tahini is my winner, but to use inside mousses or other creams, the dates one would perfectly work too!

Check out my Caramel Mousse recipe to get an example on how to use both recipes in the same dessert.