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Keto Pizza (Inside Out)

Dairy Free Mar 29, 2021


For the dough:

40g Almond flour

40g Flaxseed

10g Coconut flour

20g Blend of seeds (I used pumpkin)

Salt & Chia seeds


For the toppings:


Spring onion


Vegan cheese

2tbp Flour

Unsweetened plant based milk

Oregano and spices of choice

Let's get started:

For the dough: Mix all the dry ingredients, flours and seeds and then start adding the water slowly until the dough is completely formed. It needs to be dry enough that it doesn't stick in your hands but not too dry that it can break when rolling it.

Roll the dough and make the shape you want and bake for 10 minutes, 1801.

For the toppings: Boil the broccoli and asparagus for maximum 5 min.

Put in a pot some oil and the flour, mix in and when it doesn't have any clumps start adding the vegan milk until it gets thicker.

Add the sauce to the base of the pizza and top it with some vegan cheese, and then on top add the veggies and some spring onion, oregano or any spices and ingredients of choice.

Bake for 10-15minutes more, at 180º-200º.


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