Mini Grain Free Bread (Vegan)

Dairy Free Jan 13, 2021
This are perfect if you're following a Keto diet or a Vegan, Grain or Gluten free diet! Extremely easy to make!

The mini breads are pretty simple to make if you have the ingredients and I totally think you can modify the quantities, there’s no perfection here! Try to make your own, mostly with the spices!!


100g Almond flour

20g Flaxseed (I use ground flaxseed)

20g Psyllium husk (I use this one)

20g Sesame seeds

1tsp Baking powder

150ml Boiling Water

1tbp Vinegar (White wine or Apple)

My spice mix: Salt, pepper, thyme and oregano


Mix all the dry ingredients, the flours, the psyllium (I got mine on Amazon) and the spices!

Slowly add the hot water (yup, better if you warm it up), and start mixing, you want it to not get super sticky as you need to make the buns with your hands!

Make the small breads and top them with some seeds of choice, I added more sesame and pumpkin seeds.

Bake them for 70’ at 180°, sounds like a lot, but it needs the time and don’t worry they won’t get burnt.