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Japanese Onigiris from Spirited Away

Dairy Free Mar 15, 2021
Well, I think we all agree that food in Ghibli movies looks amazing and I would love to bring them all, but we're starting with a basic one that you can see in a lot of Animes and movies and that is Onigiri!


Sushi Rice (or risotto)


Soya sauce


Tuna & fish sticks



For the rice: First of all clean the rice in cold water, I did it about 3 times until the water was clear. Then you're gonna need about the same amount of water and rice plus 1/3 more of water. Or you can check my video and see how to measure the water with your hand instead.

Start the heat to the maximum and when it starts boiling, turn the heat to the minimum and cover the pan with a lid. Boil for about 12 minutes and then turn the heat off and leave it covered for 10 minutes more (don't open it before those extra 10 minutes).

For the filling: Mix in a bowl your ingredients of choice, I did some with tuna and mayonnaise and some with tuna, avocado, mayonnaise and a bit of soya sauce. (You could also ad ketchup if you wanted to).

Assemble: Put some salt and water in your hands so the rice gets some flavor and doesn't stick in your hands when making the Onigiris.

Add a layer of rice in your hand, a bit of filling and more rice on top and roll it in a triangle or ball. (check the video if you want to see it).

Add a line of seaweed if you like it or leave it without, they're ready to enjoy!


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