Panellets (Catalan Recipe)

Halloween Oct 27, 2020
"La Castanyada is a traditional festival that is deeply rooted in Catalonia and celebrated on 1st November. All Saint's Day. People eat chestnuts (castanyes), panellets, sweet potatoes and other autumnal produce."

Panellets are small sweet balls made with almond, potato and sweet potato. They can be decorated or filled with different ingredients as well as get flavored dough  such as chocolate or coconut dough.

The most typical ones are covered in pine nuts, but you can get as creative as you'd like once you know how to make the dough. So let's get started!


For the dough:

100g Almond Flour (Ground Almond)

50g Potato

50g Sweet Potato

1 Egg Yolk

1tsp Vanilla (sugar or extract)

To decorate:

2 Egg yolks

Pine Nuts

Cocoa/Cacao Powder

Glazed Cherries


Boil or bake the potato and sweet potato until tender and mash them together until they create a smooth paste with no chunks.

In a mixing bowl, add the almond flour and the sugar and mix together. Add the vanilla and the egg yolk and mix with your hands to get the egg yolk mixed in with all the flour (it does not need to create a consistent dough yet, just to get the egg yolk spread in the flour). Next, add the mashed potato mix and kneed with your hands until the dough gets formed and there is no flour left out.

It is time to decorate. For the pine nuts, put in a bowl, 2 egg yolks and the pine nuts and stir together. Now, make a small ball with the almond dough, take some of the pine nuts mix in your hands and roll them into the dough. The yolks are gonna make it easier for the nuts to stick to the ball.

Make any other combinations you'd like. Save some dough aside and mix in with some cocoa powder to make chocolate ones, or coconut if you prefer. Make balls with glazed cherries on top or any other combination. (you can check any of the videos down below to get more ideas and inspiration on how to fill them up)

Brush the ones that do not have egg outside with another yolk and put them in the oven for 8-12 minutes, 180┬║, and they are ready. Enjoy!

English Video
Spanish Video