Raspberry Crepes (GF)

Dairy Free Feb 11, 2021
Perfect recipe for Valentine's Day, pink crepes made with raspberries. Gluten and dairy free!!


1/2 cup gluten free flour

1/2 cup almond flour

1/2 plant based milk

1/2 cup melted raspberries

1tbp maple syrup

1tsp vanilla

Vegan butter or oil (to grease the pan)


Almond flakes

Dark chocolate

Fruit of choice

Vegan whipped cream


Melt the raspberries in a pot and rinse the seeds out.

In. a mixing bowl add all the ingredients (not the butter), and whisk everything together.

In a pan, grease with some butter and add a big scoop of the dough, cook it at low heat as we do not want the crepe to get toasted / brown, we want to preserve the pink. When it gets dry on top, flip it and leave for 2 minutes more.

Just be careful with the heat to not toast the crepe too much. Fill up with any ingredient of choice and enjoy!