Sweet Potato Gnocchis

Fall Nov 06, 2020
Here's an extremely easy vegan and gluten free gnocchi recipe with sweet potato!


1 Sweet potato

1tsp Nutmeg

Salt & Pepper

Gluten Free flour of choice

Let's get started:

Bake the sweet potato for 45 min at 180ยบ. Remove the skin and mash it with a fork.

Add the spices and start adding flour until the dough gets formed, the amount is gonna depend on the size of your sweet potato, so once you see that the dough is no longer sticking to you fingers, it is ready.

Now make a small dough line and cut the gnocchis length desired. Roll the pieces in a fork to get the gnocchi design and they are ready. You can now bring them to boil or freeze them.

Both ways are gonna cook the same way, so put water with salt to boil, and once it does, throw in your gnocchis and when they start floating on the top of the pot, it's because they are ready!