Tofu Scramble

Vegan Nov 19, 2020
Missing something similar to scrambled eggs? Here's your Vegan tasty alternative!

This recipe can be done with both, soft and firm tofu or just with one of them, depending on the texture you're looking for. If you're looking for some "runny scrambled eggs" use just soft tofu, if you'd rather have it really cooked, use just the firm one. And if you mix them, you'll have a bit of everything!


Tofu (firm, soft or both)

Broth (2-4tbp)

Garlic Clove (optional)

Spring onion (optional)

2tbp Nutritional Yeast

Garlic powder

Onion powder



Salt & Pepper

Let's get started:

Start mincing the tofu:

If you're using soft tofu, just mince it trying no to break it too much.

If you're using firm tofu, mince half of it in, and blend the other half to get that runny texture we're looking for.

If you're mixing firm and soft, you can also just mince them as you already       have both textures.

Let's mix the spices now, add more of the ones you like the best, it is totally up to your personal taste, but be careful with the turmeric! It has a really powerful flavor so just put enough to make the tofu look more yellowish, if not, it may only taste like turmeric and you might not like the final scramble that much.

Mix the spices with the broth (you can also add black salt if you have any as that is used in vegan recipes to substitute the egg flavor).

Put in a pan some vegan butter or oil and fry the spring onion and the garlic,  then add the spices mix with the broth and stir together.

Add the tofu and mix everything trying not to break the tofu much more, until it all gets yellow and you can see that it has absorbed the spices. Serve with some nutritional yeast on top and it is ready. Enjoy!

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