Vegan Levain Cookies (flaxseed)

Vegan Jan 27, 2021
I'm back with the Levain cookies but this time to try them with flaxseed egg instead, and they might be my fav cookies ever right now! They're are huge!

I tried this recipe before, but that time we made it with apple sauce, here's the recipe. And now that I am more familiar with flaxseed egg and that I've tried it in cookies like the Empire Biscuits, so why not do it with the Levain ones after the amazing result we got las time? Let's do it.


50g Sugar

50g Brown sugar

3tbp Flaxseed egg (about 40-50ml)

50g Vegan butter / spread

120g Flour

1tsp Baking powder

1tsp Vanilla Extract


Pinch of Salt

Dark Chocolate Chunks


In a mixing bowl, add the butter, both sugars, vanilla and flaxseed egg and mix everything together until it is combined.

Now slowly add the flour mixed with the baking powder. Chop some dark chocolate and walnuts and stir them in the cookie dough.

Let the dough rest in the fridge overnight or if you can't, leave it at least 2h so it cools completely. Then it is time to bake, so make two cookies that weight around 170g and bake them for 15min at 200ยบ.

And it is this easy, they're ready! Enjoy!